Punta Peuco Prison

Punta Peuco Prison (Penal de Punta Peuco), officially El Centro de Detención Preventiva y Cumplimiento Penitenciario Especial Punta Peuco, is a prison located in the municipality of Tiltil, Santiago Metropolitan Region. Punta Peuco is a special facility specifically built in 1995[1] for individuals convicted of crimes against humanity and human rights abuses during the Military dictatorship of Chile (1973–90). The prison, which holds approximately 70 inmates, is considerably more modern than a standard Chilean jail. After considerable military protest and insubordination in response to the sentences against violations of the human rights, Punta Peuco was built within a military community, but the prison is administered by the Chilean Gendarmerie, the national prison service, similar to the country’s other prisons.
On 22 July 1995 some 1,500 people, many of them members of the army, attended a rally outside the Punta Peuco prison in solidarity for Brigadier Espinoza.[2] Inmates have included Manuel Contreras, Raúl Iturriaga, Pedro Espinoza and Marcelo Moren Brito.[3]

Manuel Contreras
Pedro Espinoza
Álvaro Corbalán
Miguel Krassnoff
Jorge del Río
Marcelo Moren Brito
José Zara Holger
César Manríquez
Hugo Salas Wenzel
Carlos Herrera Jiménez
Guillermo González Betancourt
Juan Fuentes Castro
Claudio Salazar Fuentes
Alejandro Saez Mardones
Patricio Zamora Rodríguez
Manuel Muñoz Gamboa
Fernando Valdés Cid


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