Carmen Barajas Sandoval

Carmen Barajas Sandoval

Mária Del Carmen Barajas Y Sandoval Paullada
May 18, 1925
Mexico City, Mexico

November 5, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

Carmen Barajas Sandoval (Countess of Bragny. Countess of Barajas) (May 19, 1925 – November 5, 2014) was a Mexican aristocrat, film executive producer, bestselling author and internationally known socialite, famous for her Mexican and international films and later in her life, by her biographies of stars such as María Félix and Jorge Negrete.


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She was born Maria Del Carmen Barajas Y De Sandoval Paullada in Mexico City, Mexico. Her parents were Lorenzo Barajas and Edelmira Sandoval Paullada Escoffier.
Her mother was a descendant of Charles Louis Escoffier, Count of Bragny, a member of the House of Bourbon-Montpensier. He was a director of the Royal Academy of Surgery and personal physician to Louis XVI of France. During the French Revolution (1789–1799), Bragny left France and settled in Campeche, Campeche, Viceroyalty of New Spain.
His father was the grandson of Fernando De Barajas Y De Fernán Nuñez, Count of Barajas.
Carmen was born on May 18, 1925 in Mexico City as a member of an old and aristocratic family from French and Spanish origins. She was the first born of a total of the 4 children that Edelmira De Sandoval Y Paullada Escoffier and Lorenzo Barajas y De Fernán Nuñez had. The family home was located in the premises that today holds Mexico city’s Stamp Museum. After a few years, the family moved to the new and luxurious neighborhood called “Chapultepec Heights” now known as ” Lomas de Chapultepec” where the family house still exists.
At a very young age she met Jorge Negrete and became a very close friend of the actor’s family. When Carmen was 15 years old, she asked him to give her a summer job as his assistant and immediately fell in love with the cinema industry where she worked for the vast majority of her life, working mostly as a producer.
Due to this friendship, and to her important career in the film industry, Carmen became friends with some of the most important people in Mexican Show Business, such as María Félix, Dolores del Río, Miroslava and Pedro Infante. She was responsible for introducing the later to Jorge Negrete and therefore helped launch Infante’s career.
In 1947, she married Luis Alfonso La