The Making of the Mob: Chicago

The Making of the Mob: Chicago

Historical drama

Written by

Brian Burstein
Chelsea Coates
Carter Figueroa
Zachary Herrmann
Jeremiah Murphy
Jordan Rosenblum
David Schaye

Directed by
John Ealer


Michael Kotsohilis
Paolo Rotondo
Jason Fitch
Christopher Valente
Emmett Skilton

Narrated by
Ray Liotta

Country of origin
United States

Original language(s)

No. of episodes


Executive producer(s)
Stephen David


Carter Figueroa
Jonathan Soule

Andrew Huebscher


Tim W. Kelly (lead)
Jonathan Soule (lead)
John Kilgour
Wyatt Rogowski

Running time
60 minutes

Production company(s)

Stephen David Entertainment
AMC Studios


Original network

Original release
July 11 (2016-07-11) – August 29, 2016 (2016-08-29)


Preceded by
The Making of the Mob: New York

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The Making of the Mob: Chicago is an American television miniseries, and the second season of The Making of the Mob, based on the iconic Chicago gangster Al Capone and his rise and fall in the Chicago Mafia. It is produced by Stephen David and premiered on July 11, 2016, on AMC in eight parts.[1]


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Opening Introduction (narrated by Ray Liotta, who narrated the entire series):

At the beginning of the 20th century, Chicago is one of the most corrupt places in America. But in the heart of the city, a young gangster from Brooklyn rises to the top. Al Capone. In less than a decade, the ruthless gangster will create an empire, pulling in millions, eliminating all rivals, and transforming the Chicago Mafia into the most successful criminal syndicate in the country, known as the Outfit. Capone lays the foundation for a new generation of mobsters who build a city of sin, face-off with a political dynasty, and cement the Chicago Mafia’s place in history.

The first trailer, released in June 2016, promoted the “8-part premiere event” and a July 11, 2016 release date. It featured the tagline, “They built Las Vegas, but they owned Chicago.”[2]
The Outfit:

Michael Kotsohilis as Al Capone – The Boss
Paolo Rotondo as Johnny Torrio – The Mentor
Jason Fitch as Tony Accardo – The Enforcer
Christopher Valente as Paul Ricca – The Brains
Emmett Skilton as Sam Gian